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Application form for the 2023-25 Yoga Teacher Training Course

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Your age?

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Have you previously stayed at the Ashram? If so, list the courses attended.

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How long have you been practicing yoga? What types of classes do you attend, how regularly and for how long?

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What is your experience of pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, relaxation and mantra?


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Do you have a current daily yoga and/or meditation practice? If so, please share brief details of what you include in that practice.

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Please use the space below to give an indication of other signficant training and retreats you have completed previously, and especially in the last five years.

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Next of kin. Please provide their name, telephone number and email address.

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Do you have any physical or mental health issues? How might these affect your practice or your stay at the ashram?

Are you currently prescribed any medication or in receipt of a care plan / package?

Do you have any allergies?

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Do you experience any issues around learning that need to be considered? For example, dyslexia, English as a 2nd language etc.

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Acceptance on the course assumes that you are able, and willing, to commit to a daily yoga and meditation practice throughout the length of the course and also that you will be able to fulfil the assignment requirements each month.

You will be required to attend all residential retreats and the online training days. A minimum of 80% (in person) attendance is required for you to complete the course, and ideally closer to 100% to fully benefit from all that is offered.

Is your life currently in a place where you can commit to the above?

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Finally, what is your motivation for wishing to complete the Mandala Yoga Ashram Yoga Teacher Training Course? 

Why do you wish to teach yoga?

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