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Refund Policy

All payments made for online courses are non-refundable. At their discretion, the course director/operations manager may waive this policy in exceptional circumstances.

Health - Physical & Mental

This course is contra-indicated for anyone suffering from depression, acute anxiety, or other mental health conditions. Please ensure that you are fit and well enough to take part in yoga practice. If necessary, you should obtain medical advice before undertaking any yoga practice including asana (physical postures), meditation, pranayama, Yoga Nidra etc. 

By taking this course you accept responsibility for your own health and safety. Furthermore you acknowledge that in the absence of a teacher physically present to advise you, it is your duty to take full responsibility to ensure that you stay within your physical limits and that your surroundings are suitable and safe for the practice of Yoga and meditation.

Please obtain specialist or professional advice if you are in any doubt about your fitness for meditation practice and your safety.

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Introduction To Pranayama

Take the first steps towards creating a pranayama practice that will nourish you for years to come

This course will help you to:

  1. Understand the purpose and the many benefits of pranayama practice
  2. Develop a deeper relationship with your own breath
  3. Master the pre-pranayama practices which will prepare your system for higher pranayama practices
  4. Start to build a regular practice

This course is intended for practitioners who are new to pranayama.