Introduction To Pranayama

Creating a strong foundation for higher pranayama practice

A Self-Study Course
With Tulsi

This course covers what are know as pre-pranayama practices, those practices designed to create a strong foundation from which to approach higher practices such as Nadi Shodhana. It also stands alone as an introduction to pranayama, providing teachings and practices to enable beginners to begin to reap the many benefits of this subtle yogic art.

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About Pranayama

Prana is energy, and pranayama is about expanding and enhancing the energy within us to enable us to live more fully and realise our human potential, including our spiritual potential.

Pranayama practice uses the vehicle of the breath to work on many levels of our being – the physical body as well as our more subtle energy system and the mind.

It is a practice that has surprisingly powerful effects on our whole life, nurturing our health, wellbeing, peace, clarity and concentration.


About This Course

This course contains a thorough introduction to the foundations of pranayama practice, providing teachings and practices on developing greater breath awareness, expanding and extending our breathing capacity, learning to control the breath, deepening our relationship with our own breath and sensitising to the breathing process taking place in the whole body.

It is aimed at beginner practitioners or those who have practiced pranayama before but feel they may need to revisit the basics and give themselves a more careful grounding in the fundamental principals and techniques taken for granted in more classical pranayama practice.

It is primarily experience-based, providing some theoretical information but mainly focusing on providing a series of simple practices that will enable you to start to work directly with your own breath, body and mind.

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Course Outline


Section 1 – Introduction

Outlining the what pranayama is, its many benefits, and how to make the most of this course.

Section 2 – Breath Awareness

An introduction to what breath awareness is followed by three breath awareness practices.

Section 3 – Yogic Breathing

An introduction to yogic breathing followed by 3 practices designed to help you expand into full yogic breathing.

Section 4 – Breath Control & Retention

An introduction to controlling and retaining the breath followed by three practices to help you begin to develop greater control over inhalation, exhalation, and holding the breath.

Section 5 – Sensitising

An introduction to the subtle art of sensitising to the breath, whole body breathing, and the movement of both prana in the body.

Mandala Yoga Ashram | Online Courses


All of the teachings and practices are presented via video tutorials recorded at the Ashram which you can watch and revisit as many times as you wish.

Mandala Yoga Ashram | Online Courses


All of the practices are also available as mp3 audio downloads, so you can put them on your device and follow along at any time.

Take your yoga journey deeper by learning the fundamentals of of one of yoga's core practices

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" The course was excellent and the environment inspiring. I had a wonderful visit - powerful, joyful and profound." - Ciara

"A special place overflowing with peace and harmony. I appreciated the depth of the course and feel that with continued practice it will get even deeper." - Calum

"Exactly what my soul needed! It was all so nourishing and supporting. I feel back to life and in my power once again." - Nichole

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