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Residential Retreats

We offer fully residential ashram retreat courses of between 2 days and 1 month in length, and in-depth courses combining multiple residential retreats with guided home-study.

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In-Depth Courses

These courses cover various advanced yogic subjects in greater depth than a single retreat allows. They range between 6 and 12 months and combine multiple retreats here at the Ashram with guided home-study.

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Ashram Retreats

Our ashram retreats range between 2 and 10 days and cover subjects relating to the main branches of yoga, as well as advaita and tantraOur emphasis is on cultivating direct insight within our supportive Ashram environment.

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1-Month Retreat

Our month-long Developing Sadhana Course provides opportunity for an extended experience of ashram life with teachings and practices from many different paths of yoga including daily classes in hatha yoga, chanting and meditation, and so much more.

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In-Depth Courses

Yoga Teacher Training Course

With Swami Krishnaprem, Tulsi and Swami SatyaDaya

Mandala Yoga Ashram has been conducting Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC) for over 30 years. Our 2-year, 500-hour programme provides a comprehensive teacher training while also supporting participants to develop a strong foundation of personal practice and spiritual understanding.

Our next YTTC starts 23rd September 2023 and will run for 2 years. It will comprise 7 residential teaching retreats here at the Ashram interspersed with online teaching days, alongside closely guided continuous self-study and practice.


A two year course comprising 7 Residential Ashram Retreats, interspersed with online training days

September 2023 - July 2025

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Further Yoga Teacher Training

With Tulsi, Swami Krishnapremananda, Swami SatyaDaya and Ananda Devi

This course is for qualified yoga teachers who wish to deepen their studies and further their experience of the subtleties of yoga and meditation. 

The course will explore of a range of practices and provide a deepening of knowledge and skills to enhance your personal practice and bring greater confidence, clarity and depth to your teaching.


An 8-Month Course Comprising 2 Residential Ashram Retreats, Online Training and Personal Mentorship

July 2023 - March 2024

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Ashram Retreats 2022

Thu 24 -
Sun 27 November 2022

Stoking the Inner Fire

With Swami Krishnapremananda, assisted by Tulsi
As the days shorten, and the winter months beckon, this 3-day retreat is designed to strengthen the inner fire and nourish the heart.

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Ashram Retreats 2023

Thu 02-
Sun 05 March 2023

Rest, Restore and Renew

With AnandaDevi & Tulsi, assisted by Swami SatyaDaya
A restorative retreat which is suitable for all levels of yoga experience. Start the Spring with this 3-day immersion into the replenishing energies and practices of the Ashram.

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Thu 16-
Sun 19 March 2023

Mudras: aligning with Consciousness

With Tulsi, assisted by Swami Krishnaprem
In this 3-day retreat we will explore a wide range of mudras (gesture or attitudes) that align our inner energies and help open a door to deeper states of Consciousness.

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Fri 24 March -
Sun 26 March 2023

Exploring Ashram Life

With Swami SatyaDaya & AnandaDevi
This weekend retreat is designed to introduce you to the teachings and purpose of the Ashram, and help you go deeper in your yoga and meditation practice.

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Wed 05 April -
Mon 10 April 2023

Vigyana Bhairava Tantra - Spaciousness in Daily Life

With Swami SatyaDaya, assisted by Tulsi & Swami Krishnapremananda
One of the fundamental purposes of the practices of Yoga is to open us up to the possibility of Insight – the revealing of the hitherto unknown depths of our very being. The practices of the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra are elegant and eminently practical techniques that lead us to that possibility.

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Wed 19 - Sun 23 April 2023

The Alchemy of Mantra

With Swami Krishnapremananda
Mantras are like potent seeds planted within, which, with regular ongoing practice, have the potential to release their alchemical power into our heart, mind and energy body, transforming our self-understanding.

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Thur 25 May - Sun 4 June 2023

Prana Vidya

With Swami GyanDharma
Prana Vidya means ‘knowledge of energy’ and it is a yogic practice for liberating energy and using it for healing. Join us for these 10 days to explore how the practices of PranaVidya can awaken the innate potential within your energy body and mind. 

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Sat 29 July -
Sat 05 August 2023

Silent Retreat

With Swami SatyaDaya, Swami Krishnapremananda & Tulsi
This weeklong retreat is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself into the practice of mouna, silence, and to connect with the deeper stillness that underlies life's surface activity.

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Wed 16 August -
Sat 26 August 2023

Facing Death, Embracing Life

With Swami SatyaDaya, Swami Krishnapremananda & Tulsi. Periodic satsangs with Swami Nishchalananda
The practices of Yoga offer us the opportunity to change our relationship with death not by creating fantasies and stories about what may or may not happen to the ‘me’ beyond death, but by fundamentally changing our understanding of what we  think we are – of what ‘it’ is that dies and therefore lives.

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Wed 04 October -
Sun 08 October 2023

Sacred Feminine Retreat

With AnandaDevi & Reva
This four-day retreat, for women of all ages, offers a rare gift to share deeply with each other and connect to the sacred feminine within, allowing more wholeness and balance to arise in our lives individually and collectively.

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Wed 26 October -
Sun 29th October 2023

From Sound into Silence

With Swami Gyandharma
This is a much-loved course that has been running at the Ashram for several years, with many participants returning regularly. It draws upon Swami Gyandharma’s extensive experience of using mantra to induce silence or stillness.

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1-Month Retreat

Developing Sadhana Retreat

10th June to 8th July 2023

With Tulsi, assisted by Senior Ashram Tutors

The Ashram is offering a month-long residential retreat that will include teachings and practices from many different paths of yoga including daily classes in hatha yoga, chanting and meditation, yoga nidra, and much more. Throughout the month the practices will be explored and deepened leading to the development of a quality and sustainable sadhana that can serve you for years to come.

Retreat participants will live and practice alongside the Ashram team for the month. Alongside teachings and karma yoga, each course participant will have a designated mentor and receive weekly one to one mentor support.

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A Spiritual Sanctuary

As one of the few authentic ashrams to be found outside of India, Mandala Yoga Ashram provides a vibrant link between the spiritual teachings of the yogic sages and sincere seekers of the modern Western world. Founded in 1986 by Swami Nishchalananda Saraswati on his return from 14 years of intensive training with his guru Swami Satyananda Saraswati, and nestling in 25 acres of beautiful, remote hill-country in Southwest Wales, UK, the Ashram has over the years been a source of profound learning and transformation for thousands of people from all walks of life. Our residential retreats are rare opportunities to go deep into the mysteries of yoga in an environment of great natural beauty and focused spiritual energy.

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Our Online Offerings

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Live Online Courses

Study with us live via Zoom. Our 1-day and 2-day courses offer opportunities for you to take short study and practice retreats with us in the comfort of your own home.

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Self-Study Online Courses

Study at your own pace. Our self-study courses cover a range of core yogic topics with options for beginner, intermediate and more advanced practitioners.

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Ashram Sangha

The Ashram Sangha is our new online hub, a space for us to support all those who feel a connection with the Ashram, its teachings, and its vibrant yoga community.

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Our Founder

Swami Nishchalananda founded Mandala Yoga Ashram on his return from India after spending 14 years with his Guru, Swami Satyananda, studying all aspects of yoga and imbibing the true essence of this ancient tradition. He is recognised as a genuine Yoga Acharya - a Master of Yoga.
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Charitable Status

The Ashram is a registered charity whose mission is to uplift humanity through the teachings of yoga, advaita and tantra. As an independent institution not affiliated to any set of religious beliefs, the purpose of the Ashram is simply to help people to remember their own sacredness and the sacredness of all that exists.
Registered Charity No. 1195209
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