Meditation - Befriending The Mind

An Online Self Study Course
with Swami SatyaDaya

In this course Swami SatyaDaya introduces five meditation practices which can help us to cultivate a more accepting and compassionate attitude to our inner landscape – our thoughts and emotions. By working with these practices over time we become able to accept and embrace the whole of our personality and our story.

By opening up to this kinder, more loving relationship to ourselves, our relationships with others and the world around will also change. Befriending the mind in this way is a gentle yet powerful step in the process of opening to the arising of insight and the realisation of our most fundamental identity – that which underlies all thought and all experience.

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Why Befriend The Mind?

One of the fundamental aims of meditation practice is to quieten the mind.

Yet we cannot deny that we are thinking, feeling beings.

Rather than fighting with our inner experience we can make friends with our thoughts and emotions as they are. We start to welcome the energy of thought and emotion, allowing it to move naturally like clouds across the sky of Awareness. In this way everything we experience can become part of our practice.

The practices contained within this course offer us ways of accepting and becoming more intimate with our inner state as we encounter it.

This attitude within our practice leads, over time, to the natural quietening of the mind as any conflict or tension within slowly starts to subside.

The two main benefits of befriending the mind are therefore:

  1. On a day-to-day basis we begin to develop a kinder relationship to our thoughts and emotions.
  2. As the inner conflicts subside and the mind quietens, we open to the possibility of insight and the realisation of our most fundamental identity.

Practices Included...

Metta - The Offering Of Loving Kindness

A practice of heart felt offering, wishing the very best to ourselves and to others – as we are...

The Cultivation Of Spaciousness

As the sky is able to hold and allow the weather that passes through it, the cultivation of spaciousness allows us to experience the flow of thoughts and emotions without becoming entirely involved with them…

The Releasing Of Control

In trying to control the energy of mind and emotions we can be like King Canute trying to hold back the tide. In this practice we experiment with the letting go of control and giving the energy of thought and feeling to move as it needs to…

The Inner Smile

An opportunity to feel that you, as you are, are something worth smiling about, that you are good enough…



A profound practice that gives us the opportunity to truly welcome home, into the heart space, those aspects of the personality and our story that are unresolved…….

How This Course Is Delivered

This is a self-study online course. There is no live teaching component. You can go through the practices at whatever pace suits you and keep returning to the course for as long as you need to.

Once you enroll you will receive access to all the course materials, which are contained within an easy to use online dashboard.

For each of the five practices there is an introductory lesson outlining the approach of that particular practice.

This is followed by an audio of the practice itself, which you can listen to these within the course dashboard or download for offline use.

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Course costs £35

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