Celebrating the Winter Solstice

With Tulsi

The Winter Solstice is a time to rest and reflect in the outer and inner darkness. This mini-retreat will provide an opportunity to reflect on the past year, surrender the fruits and challenges that have arisen and set new intentions before the light starts to return to daily life. 

Sunday 17th December| £35

Free of charge for Ashram Sangha members.

About This Workshop

This workshop will provide an opportunity to rest and surrender to the dark space within, which reflects the longest night about to come. You'll be invited to befriend that space through the practice of yoga nidra and, from the stillness that arises, to allow the seed of intent for the coming year to be nourished by the incoming light. The morning will also include practices of meditation, pranayama and asana, nourishing you for the festive season ahead.

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Sun 17th Dec, 9.30 – 12.30



Alternatively, you can get this workshop and much more besides as part of our £25/month Ashram Sangha membership community.

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Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


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