An Introduction to Tattwa Shuddhi

With Swami SatyaDaya

Tattwa Shuddhi is an ancient tantric practice of inner purification. In this workshop, we will explore the preliminary stages of the practice.

Sunday 10th March | £35

Free of charge for Ashram Sangha members.

About This Workshop

The word tattwa refers to the way we experience the different layers of our being - from the gross to the most subtle. Our practice will focus on meditation using colour, sound and symbolism to explore the material tattwas. We will also touch the more conceptual tattwas that underly our day to day experience.

Working with the tattwas can lead to a profound sense of rebalancing whilst opening us up to the recognition of what we are fundamentally. 

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Sun 10th March, 9.30 – 12.30



Alternatively, you can get this workshop and much more besides as part of our £25/month Ashram Sangha membership community.

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