Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

Selected practices

With Swami Nishchalananda

The Vigyana Bhairava Tantra was written about thousand years ago but is very relevant to those of us in the modern world who want to deepen our spiritual Awareness. In the context of the text, the Sanskrit word vigyana means ‘insight’; that is, realisation that goes beyond our habitual understanding and which opens up new dimensions of our self-understanding. The word bhairava means Consciousness; therefore, vigyana bhairava tantra translates as ‘the means to bring insight into the nature of Consciousness’. 

Sunday 30th July | £35

Free of charge for Ashram Sangha members.

About This Workshop

Our concepts and emotions keep us in a prison. We read books, but because we try to understand with our mind there is no real transformation in our understanding. Intellectual understanding and thoughts tend to go round and round in circles. The 112 practices in this text help us to move out of this limited circle and arrive at understanding that transforms our vision of ourselves and the world we live in. You are welcome to join me for three hours in which we will dip into the teachings, and most importantly the practices of this incredible text.

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Sun 30th July, 9.30 – 12.30



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