Balancing Head & Heart: Wisdom & Love

With Swami SatyaDaya, Swami Krishnaprem & Tulsi

A new 7-day retreat to balance both head and heart, wisdom and love. Exploring how to be more at ease with both thoughts and feelings, and thereby open to the spaciousness that lies beyond both - the fertile ground for the arising of both wisdom and love.

24th - 31st August 2024
| £535

About This Retreat

The word yoga essentially means ‘union’. Union between both the disparate parts of ourselves, and, ultimately, the merging of our individual sense of identity with what we are fundamentally. Key to this is living a life in balance between the internal world of thoughts and concepts, and that of feelings and emotions.  Such a balance enables an opening to both the deeper stirrings of the heart, and the deeper promptings of insight that arise from beyond the mind.

Are you often lost in thought, and disconnected or mistrustful of your emotions? Or someone who is habitually swept away by emotions, like a leaf in an emotional storm, and needing a steady centre? Our personality is as it is, and the goal is not to suppress or overly control any aspect of our nature. Yet we use the practices of yoga and meditation to gradually find a greater internal equilibrium, a steady centre between the play of thought and emotion.

Such a centre offers us the possibility of a greater acceptance, understanding and befriending of both thoughts and emotions. This in turn reveals the spaciousness that underlies both, which is the fertile ground of both intuition and compassion. 

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Sat 24th August, 5pm
Sat 31st August, 11.30am



Includes tuition, accommodation, food

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Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK

More About This Retreat

This 7-day retreat will focus on practices and teachings that will:
•    Awaken spaciousness around thoughts and feelings, in which they are free to move naturally yet in a greater sense of internal space or easefulness.
•    Encourage a letting go, releasing of internal conflicts and becoming more present.
•   Cultivate the arising of self-acceptance, self-kindness and compassion.
•    Draw on some of the key teachings from the yogic texts, such as the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita
•    Create a greater sense of balance in the body and mind generally.

The retreat will also include daily yoga classes, meditative practice, mudras and bandhas, yoga nidra, chanting and karma yoga. There will also be a havan, or fire ceremony. 

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Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


Expand your understanding of core yogic teachings with our experienced teachers.

Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


Learn authentic practices to help you deepen your direct experience of yogic teachings.

Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


Journey with a likeminded group of sincere spiritual seekers and ashram residents.

Join us to balance head & heart, wisdom & love.
At Our Unique Spiritual Sanctuary
In The Heart Of Wales

Our residential retreats are rare opportunities to go deeper into the mysteries of yoga in one of the few authentic ashrams outside India, with experienced teachers and a supportive community, in an environment of great natural beauty and focused spiritual energy.

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" The course was excellent and the environment inspiring. I had a wonderful visit - powerful, joyful and profound." - Ciara

"A special place overflowing with peace and harmony. I appreciated the depth of the course and feel that with continued practice it will get even deeper." - Calum

"Exactly what my soul needed! It was all so nourishing and supporting. I feel back to life and in my power once again." - Nichole

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