Sacred Feminine Retreat

Connect to the Sacred Feminine Within

With AnandaDevi and Reva

This four-day retreat, for women of all ages, offers a rare gift to share deeply with each other and connect to the sacred feminine within, allowing more wholeness and balance to arise in our lives individually and collectively.

“A beautifully held sacred space that allowed me to fully acknowledge, celebrate and heal with the support and acceptance of the circle of sisters”
Llio, participant on the 2023 course

2nd - 6th October 2024
| £355

About This Retreat

As we allow ourselves to disentangle from the many expectations and assumptions we encounter as women, we can step more into our authentic being, creating space for increased joy and freedom in our lives.

Our time together will explore the phases of woman: maiden, mother, matriarch and crone and the transitions through each.  We will also share a map to support navigating the menstrual cycle. By bringing a deeper understanding to the menstrual or moon cycle, we can empower ourselves with the wisdom to navigate through our internal seasons consciously. Through simple, yet profound, practices we will awaken, reconnect or deepen our connection to our womb space (the space where the womb is or once was). The womb is considered to be our innate source of wisdom and power and the sacred vessel of creativity and life.

“This course helped me to reconnect with forgotten parts of myself”
Maria Ferrins-Brown, participant on the 2023 course

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Wed 2nd October, 19.45 - 
Sun 6th October, 14.00



Includes tuition, accommodation, food

Deposit to be paid today


Arrive by 5pm if possible to settle in and enjoy supper, served at 6.15pm

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Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK

More About This Retreat

The retreat will include daily hatha yoga classes, meditation, chanting, karma yoga (selfless service), yoga nidra (deep relaxation), havan (sacred fire), kirtan, intuitive dance, creative expression and sharing circles to support authenticity and going deeper together.

Guided by AnandaDevi and Reva, this retreat will draw upon their many years of experience of holding space for women and their own journey. It is suitable for all women, including those who have had a hysterectomy and who are post-menopausal.

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Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


Expand your understanding of core yogic teachings with our experienced teachers.

Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


Learn authentic practices to help you deepen your direct experience of yogic teachings.

Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


Journey with a likeminded group of sincere spiritual seekers and ashram residents.

Join us to connect to the Sacred Feminine
At Our Unique Spiritual Sanctuary
In The Heart Of Wales

Our residential retreats are rare opportunities to go deeper into the mysteries of yoga in one of the few authentic ashrams outside India, with experienced teachers and a supportive community, in an environment of great natural beauty and focused spiritual energy.

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"I don’t think this course could’ve been any better. Everything was perfectly conceived and delivered."

"I feel those four days were a great step and experience on my path. I felt the sacred feminine energy blossoming in me, over me, through me, showing the best copy of myself. I’m grateful for all that happened and all that will happen."
Shakti Rupananda

"Exactly what my soul needed! It was all so nourishing and supporting. I feel back to life and in my power once again." Nichole

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