Introduction to Meditation

An Online Self-Study Course
With Swami Krishnaprem and Swami SatyaDaya

In this course, Swami Krishnaprem and Swami SatyaDaya give a systematic foundation for beginning the practice of meditation. Sharing accessible techniques from the classical yogic tradition, along with insights from their own direct experience, they offer gentle and grounded instruction for the initial stages of meditation practice.

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The Purpose Of This Course

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years as a cornerstone of the spiritual path. It is also highly beneficial for general physical and mental well-being. It's a practice taught in all the world's spiritual traditions, in one form or another, and used daily by millions of people to develop greater mindfulness and present-moment awareness. This course serves as a thorough introduction to meditation as taught in the classic yogic tradition.

Usually our minds and senses are conditioned to direct our attention outwards to the world around us. Meditation offers us the gift of directing our energies within, letting go temporarily of external pulls and coming home to ourselves. Regular practice helps to calm the mind, restore our energies, and deepen our self-understanding.

Through meditation our inner conflicts can gradually and gently be given space to surface and be resolved, leading to greater peace of mind, wholeness of being and harmony in our own selves and our relationships with others. At deeper levels the practice of meditation can open our inner eyes to previously unknown dimensions of our Being, and prepare the way for true insight to arise.

Yet it's not a journey to be rushed. A firm foundation, patience, and careful, experienced instruction are all essential in order to develop a safe, balanced, and fruitful practice.

In this course you will be clearly and carefully guided through the foundational stages of meditation practice, giving you a strong base on which to develop further.

The course is for:

  • Anyone interested or curious about trying meditation for the first time, looking for a structured introduction from experienced teachers.
  • People with previous experience of meditation who are feeling they've lost their way a little or are in need of a reset or fresh start with a renewed resolve.
  • Experienced practitioners who would like to offer a reliable introduction to meditation to a friend, a yoga student, or family member.

What's Included

Creating a stable, comfortable posture and beginning to practice

  • introducing a range of appropriate meditative sitting positions
  • value of preparation prior to meditation
  • the purpose and value of kaya sthairam, body stillness - a core foundational practice of meditation
  • a 5 minute guided practice of kaya sthairam
  • a 10 minute guided practice of kaya sthairam
  • a 15 minute guided practice of kaya sthairam

Developing focal points and working with challenges

  • the value of a chosen focal point in meditation
  • common obstacles encountered in meditation practice, and how to work with them
  • breath awareness
  • mantra meditation
  • antar mouna (inner silence) meditation practice, stage 1
  • hand mudras to be used in meditation practice

Going Deeper

  • the value of regularity in meditation practice
  • the attitude to bring to meditation; sincerity allied with an inner letting go
  • antar mouna (inner silence) meditation practice, stage 2
  • heart space meditation
  • cultivating inner spaciousness

Key Benefits

A Firm Foundation

Put the basics firmly in place to create a strong foundation for ongoing practice.

Introductory Practices

Learn a selection of gentle yet powerful practices suitable for beginners.

Experienced Guidance

Receive guidance and troubleshooting along the way from highly experienced teachers.

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