Kriya Yoga

Awakening Energy, Creativity & Insight

A 10-month course comprising 4 residential Ashram retreats, with additional support for home study and practice

Directed by Swami Nishchalananda, Conducted by Swami Krishnapremananda and Tulsi 

This Kriya Yoga course offers the opportunity to learn and assimilate the practices and immense benefits of Kriya Yoga. The course is over 28 days spread over 4 retreat periods.

July 2022 - May 2023 | £2295

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Kriya Yoga - The Means of Awakening Energy, Creativity and Insight

Kriya yoga is a sophisticated and practical method of harmonising and refining the natural energies of our being to allow the physical, emotional, etheric and mental energies to be brought into balance. It works directly on the chakras (energy centres) and inner pathways so that we start to become more aware of the subtle energies they represent. The practices make us more fluid and open, enabling us to catalyse energy. The mind begins to resonate like a tuning fork, and we open up to insight; this brings about significant changes in our understanding, perception and behaviour.

Each of us has the possibility of accessing the immense potential that is the very basis of our embodied existence. In yoga, this is known as the kundalini (transformative primal energy). Kriya yoga opens us up to this potential. Moreover, since each of us is a reflection of the totality, Kriya yoga allows us to consciously commune with what we are on a fundamental level.

The Purpose of Kriya Yoga

The purpose of Kriya yoga is to transform the life of the practitioner so that it becomes a continuous expression of joy, meaning and positivity.

In brief, it brings about the following changes:

  • Slowly whittles away phobias, fears, depression, misconceptions, conditioning and negative patterns which are hidden in the depths of the subconscious mind, so that the mind is harmonised from top to bottom
  • Induces a greater sense of well-being
  • Heightens our level of energy and creativity so that we can do more, but with less tension and more effectiveness
  • Awakens insight
  • Opens us up to the mystery of meditation and to the hidden dimensions of our being

This course offers a rare opportunity to learn, explore and deepen your practice of this ancient system in an ashram environment. It will be directed towards personal experience, insight and transformation. Full instructions will be given both in theory and in practice.

Kriya Yoga does not demand that you subscribe to any stereotypical belief. It works on transforming energy and awakening that which already lies dormant within. It is a system of yoga which is very pertinent for the modern era.

For a more detailed look at the history, philosophical background and structure of Kriya Yoga practice, you'll find an in-depth article by Swami Nishchalananda >> here <<

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Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK
Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK

Aims of this Course

This course will:

  • provide a systematic, comprehensive and accessible training in all the 20 kriyas of kriya yoga
  • explore experientially how these practices naturally lead to greater energy, clarity and self-understanding
  • encourage each participant to go deeper in their kriya yoga practice in their daily lives – and so undergo a personal transformation in their understanding and practice
  • offer subsidiary practices such as yoga classes, yoga nidra, satsang, to support the direct teaching of the course

Objectives of this Course

By the end of this course all students will have:

  • gained first-hand theoretical and experiential knowledge of the 20 kriya yoga practices and how they bring a different quality to their self-understanding and daily life experience
  • acquired sufficient competence to practise at home as part of their ongoing yoga and spiritual path
  • experienced a shift in their self-understanding

Course Support

Each participant will have their own mentor (one of the course tutors) whose role will be to offer ongoing support throughout and beyond the course.

At the end of each retreat a home practice will be given to facilitate each practitioner’s learning, practice and development between retreats.

Each teaching session of the course will also be recorded, and these audio recordings will be available to each course participant to download following each retreat.

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Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


Expand your understanding of core yogic teachings with our experienced teachers.

Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


Learn authentic practices to help you deepen your direct experience of yogic teachings.

Mandala Yoga Ashram | Residential Retreats | Wales, UK


Journey with a likeminded group of serious spiritual seekers and ashram residents.

Aplication Process

This course is by application only.

Course Prerequisites

• At least 5 years practice of hatha yoga which has prepared you to sit in a comfortable and still position for practice

• Prior experience of ujjayi pranayama (subtle breath), khechari mudra (tongue lock), spinal and frontal locations of the six chakras, and the 3 bandhas – moola (pelvic floor lock), uddiyana (abdominal lock) and jalandhara (neck lock). Whilst these practices will be succinctly taught during the first retreat, the more prior experience a participant has of these, the easier it will be for them to settle into the Kriya Yoga practices smoothly

• If you are new to the Ashram, we would advise a prior visit before the course starts to gain an initial experience of the daily schedule and energies of the Ashram. We do, however, accept that this may not be practical for those living a long distance away.

Course Requirements

Course participants will be required to attend the four retreats, and commit themselves to regular personal practice, ideally daily, at home for the duration of the course. You will also need to allocate time in your day for the practices of Kriya Yoga. These do take time, and it is important that you ensure you have time and space in your daily routine for the practices. Options will be given as to the long, medium and shorter forms of the practice.

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The button below will take you through to a questionnaire for you to complete. After submission, the tutor team will then be in touch within a week to let you know whether a place can be offered. If so, you will then be asked to pay the non-refundable deposit which will confirm your place.

Applications are invited from those who would like to dedicate themselves to deepening the practice of Kriya Yoga for the purpose of self-awakening, and especially from those who would embrace this practice as a service to our beautiful and troubled world.

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Booking Information

The course comprises four seven-day residential retreats between July 2022 and February 2023, amounting to 28 full days.

Retreat dates:

• 9 – 16 July 2022
• 24 Sept – 1 Oct 2022
• 18 – 25 Feb 2023
• 29 April – 6 May 2023




Includes all tuition, guidance, accommodation and food across all 4 retreats.

Payment Schedule

A non-refundable deposit of £580 will be required to secure your place. The balance is payable before the start of the course as one payment, or by 7 monthly instalments of £245 a month from 01/08/2022 to 01/02/2023 inclusive.

Further details

Teaching Team

Swami Nishchalananda

Swami Nishchalananda was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Swami Satyananda, during his 14 years of intensive training in India. He spent many years practising Kriya Yoga in the early morning hours, and such was his insight into the practices that his teacher asked him to write a textbook on the subject. This encyclopaedic text, A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya, took him 3 years to write and the book was subsequently published by the Bihar School of Yoga. He has taught Kriya Yoga all over India and also, when he returned to the west, in the ashram and in different parts of Europe.

Swami Krishnapremananda

Swami Krishnapremananda has been living, practising and teaching in the ashram since 1998. His yogic understanding has gradually matured through sustained and dedicated practice under the guidance of Swami Nishchalananda and other inspirational teachers. He has learnt Kriya Yoga from Swamiji and knows the profound value of the practice through direct experience. Teaching since 2001, he has given numerous classes and seminars on many aspects of yogic study and practice both within the ashram and elsewhere in the UK and Europe. He conveys the teachings in a simple, clear and accessible way.


Tulsi has been practising yoga for 30 years in the Satyananda tradition and teaching since 2001. She has been living and teaching in the Ashram since 2019 following regular attendance on Ashram courses for 10 years prior to that, including attendance on the Kriya Yoga Course. She has a background of 30 years working with individuals often seen as being on the fringes of society and teaches with a focus on the energetic and holistic benefits of all aspects of practice, in a way that enables students to bring the effects of practice into all aspects of daily life.

Please note: This year, due to his gradual retirement from regular teaching, Swami Nishchalananda will be providing overall direction for the course, while delegating the direct teachings of the practices to Swami Krishnapremananda and Tulsi, both highly experienced Ashram teachers. He will, however, give regular satsangs on Kriya Yoga, either in the Ashram or via Zoom.

A short Introductory Video by Swami Krishnapremananda


Further Details

Join us for this rare opportunity to learn one of the most powerful practices yoga and tantra have to offer, in our unique ashram environment

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" The course was excellent and the environment inspiring. I had a wonderful visit - powerful, joyful and profound." - Ciara

"A special place overflowing with peace and harmony. I appreciated the depth of the course and feel that with continued practice it will get even deeper." - Calum

"Exactly what my soul needed! It was all so nourishing and supporting. I feel back to life and in my power once again." - Nichole